Red Troncal background

TELECOMM is a federal government agency directly related to the “Ministry of Communications and Transportation” of Mexico (SCT),  which has been appointed by the recent Constitutional Reform and the new Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Law, to build a robust national fiber optic backbone network by 1) leveraging on existing infrastructure from “Comisión Federal de Electricidad” (CFE), the country´s electric utility organization, 2) having access to indefeasible rights of use to a pair of dark fiber optic strands along the CFE´s fiber optic network and 3) access  to use related passive infrastructure of CFE.


The Red Troncal or Backbone Network is a project where TELECOMM has attributions to plan, design and execute the construction and growth of a high capacity fiber optic national data transport network aiming to i) support the development of broadband telecommunications services to regional concessionaires and licensed resellers which require high capacity and long distance data transport services to provide a wider assortment of broadband access services, ii) promote competition in locations served by only one fiber optic operator and iii) promote services in locations that are unserved.


The objectives of Red Troncal or Backbone Network are to illuminate the dark fiber, operate the network, deploy more dark fiber mileage and increase the number of points of presence.  All this, so that a higher percentage of the country´s population, will be within a reasonable distance from a point of presence of more than one fiber optic network operator, and where there is none, at least be near the point of presence of the Backbone Network, enabling concessionaires and licensed resellers to offer an array of broadband access services to the population.

Summary of the project

The CFE network has more than 25,000 km of fiber optic cable installed in the electric power transmission and distribution towers and has 115 points of presence, known as “Interconnection Hotels”, through which links and capacity services could be provided to concessionaires and end users.

To develop the national Backbone Network, TELECOMM has the indefeasible rights of use to a pair of fiber optic strands, along the CFE´s high voltage transmission and low voltage distribution lines.

TELECOMM and CFE initially agreed on 155 routes in the IRU Contract which have 1,135 segments comprising 25,649.681 km.

The constitutional reform allows up to 100% direct foreign private investment in the telecommunications sector, therefore TELECOMM issues this Request for Expression of Interest (RFEI) as a first step to evaluate the feasibility of pursuing a possible International Public-Private Partnership competitive tender process, according to the Public-Private Partnerships Law.  If the final assessment of the viability for a PPP is positive, TELECOMM would publish the IPT in accordance with applicable Mexican laws and regulations.

For more information write to redtroncal@telecomm.gob.mx


Neither TELECOMM or the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) may be obligated in any form by any Request of Expression of Interest (RFEI) received in response to this RFEI. This RFEI is published solely for obtaining information and planning purposes and it does not constitute a public consultation, market research, request for proposals or official tender.  In any case, this RFEI is not a promise to issue a request for proposal or to effectively conduct an International Public Tender process in the future.

TELECOMM, the SCT or any Public servant are not obligated to buy or hire any product or service, and the response to any RFEI does not entail obligations of any kind to TELECOMM.   Responding to this RFEI does not constitute pre-qualification or establish any entitlement to interested parties. The right of any interested party to participate in the IPT is no conditioned to the participation of this RFEI.

With the publication of this RFEI, TELECOMM is not soliciting proposals. Interested parties responding to the RFEI should not include information that is protected by copyrights and / or intellectual and industrial property, nor shall include pricing, specifications or any other information that might suggest or could be interpreted as they are presenting a proposal or an offer. This RFEI is not the mechanism for the submission and receipt of unsolicited proposals in terms of the Mexican Law on Public-Private Partnerships.

The information that is published is the result of preliminary analyzes. TELECOMM or SCT may not be held responsible in any case of its accuracy.